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Teacher-Student Jokes on Lipy - Page 4

In a Nursery School Canteen, there's a basket of apples with a notice written over it:

'Do not take more than one, God is watching'

On d other counter there's a box of chocolates,

A small child went & wrote on it.

"Take as many as U want, God is busy watching d apples".

NEVER ACT SMART WITH today's generation..!!.

Professor To Students: “Ek Platform 2 Km Lamba Hai, Aandhi Chal Rahi Hai 60km/h Ki Speed Se, Ek Train Aayi Aur Delhi Se Mumbai Ki Taraf Chali Gayi”

To Sawal Ye Hai Ke: “Meri Umar Kitni Hai?”

Sab Bachhe Hairaan Ho Ke Ek Dusre Ki Shakal Dekhne Lage.

Chotu Ne Jawab Dene Ke Liye Hath Uthaya.

Chotu: “Sir Aapki Umar 42 Saal Hai”

Professor: “Good, Lekin Tumne Kese Calculate Kiya?”

Chotu: “Sir Hamare Ghar Ke Paas Ek Admi Rahta Hai, Wo Aadha Pagal Hai Aur Uski Umar 21 Saal Hai“

Question in exam:- define love and explain in details (16 marks)

MBA students ans-> '' love is life'' (marks 1/2 out of 16)

Medical student ans-> ''love is pain '' (marks 1/2 out of 16)

Engineering students ans:-
DEFINATION:- A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men and women that can cause death of 1 or both depending upon resistance associated..!!

->TYPES: 1 side & 2 sides

->AGE: Usually occurs in teenagers but nowadays can be found in any age

->SYMPTOMS:tension,daydrea- ming,isomnia, phone adiction...

->DIAGNOSIS BY:diary, photos, mobile

->TREATMENT:anti-love therapy by father's shoe or mother's sandal
(16/16 marks)

MORAL: dont play with engineers they can do anything for 16 marks..

Pappu V/S Teacher

Teacher :- Insaan Wo Hey Jo dusron K Kaam Aaye

Pappu :- Lekin Exam K Waqt Na To Aap Khud Insan Banti Hain,OR Na dusron Ko Insan Banne Deti Hain..

Lecturer : Write A Note On Gandhi Jayanti,




Circuit Writes : Gandhi Was A Great Man But Maa Kasam I Don't Know Who Is Jayanti Koi Locha Lafda Hofa Buddhe Ka....!

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