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Marriage Jokes on Lipy - Page 3

Husband-Wife's Facebook and WhatsApp life...

On 'WhatsApp'

Wife: When you coming back home???

Husband: Dont know too busy today lot of work..........

On 'Facebook'

Wife: Dear when will you be back... you are the best husband in the world... miss you!!! Come back soon.

Husband: Thanks for being there always... so lucky to have a wonderful wife like you!!! Will be back soon honey.

Wife: Khana kha liya?

Husband: Khana kha liya?

Wife: Batao na.

Husband: Batao na.

Wife: Pleaseee... batao na.

Husband: Pleaseee..... batao na.

Wife: Achcha ji! Meri naqal?

Husband: Achcha ji! Meri naqal?

Wife: I Love U!!!

Husband: Haan yaar, khana kha liya maine...

Judge: Kya naam hai tumhaara?

Mulzim: Huzoor, Ram Lal.

Judge: Tum ne 10 saal se apni wife ko dabaa ke, daraa ke, dhamka ke, apne control mein rakha hai.

Mulzim: Judge sahab vo aisa hai ki...

Judge: Khamosh!!! Main safaai nahin maang raha hun; tarika bata tarika!!!!

Love your husband when he orders you to make tea or coffee because he wants to feel fresh to listen your nonstop talks...

Love him if he looks at all the beautiful females because he is just checking that you are still the best ?

Love him if he criticises your cooking because he is still improving his taste.

Love him if he snores at night and disturbs your sleep because he is trying to prove that he is the most relaxed person after being married to you.

Love him if he forgets to give you a gift on your birthday because he is saving money for your future.

Love him... Because you don't have a choice and killing is a legal offence.

New drugs for men created by women scientists are waiting for FDA approval...

ANIVERSIA: Triggers memories for birthdays and anniversaries...

SLIMOXIL: Widens male cornea making wives appear slim...

SPORTOBLIND X: Reacts with optic nerve to prevent men from recognizing the word "Sports" on TV...

WORKOCETAMOL: Generates an insatiable desire in men to do household chores...

SHOPHOFOBEX: Makes men eager to take wives for shopping every week and wait patiently...

FLIRTONATE-N: It reduces vision whenever a pretty woman passes by...

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